A number of problems have been observed when using xmms-syncup. Where applicable, workarounds follow. If you find a problem (or better, solve it!), please file a report with the project developers so this page may be updated.

xmms-syncup complains that it can't contact the server / client plays something completely wrong

Make sure that xmmsd is installed and enabled in the server's XMMS. Since xmmsd speaks HTTP, you can verify this through a web-browser on the client (e.g http://xmmsserver:8335/). Firewall settings on the server may also be to blame; make sure that xmmsd's port (typically 8335) is open to the client(s).

Clients don't play what the server is playing

This is usually because the paths in the server's playlist are not valid on the client. Check the "View File Info" option in XMMS and ensure that the path to the selected track is correct on the client.

Client and server play the same track, but client skips around sometimes/frequently/constantly

Short version: XMMS isn't really designed to do what xmms-syncup does, so it takes some guess-and-checking to make its underlying strategy work well. Try different audio formats and output plugins until something works for you.

Long version: to keep the audio playback synchronized between machines, xmms-syncup attempts to perform file seeking to re-sync the client to the server whenever the playback cursors become excessively different (more than about 20ms is noticable). This seeking is sometimes perceivable as an audible hiccup in the client's playback. Though these gaps are inherent to the nature of resynchronization, minimizing temporal descrepancy between the client and server playback also minimizes the frequency of required corrections.

A number of factors may lead to asynchrony in the players.

The client isn't tracking the server's playlist

To minimize server load and bandwidth consumption, xmms-syncup only updates the client playlist if it detects that

  1. The number of tracks on the playlists is different or
  2. The filename for the currently playing track is different

In practice, these conditions should cover all sane use cases. If the problem persists, try manually emptying the client's playlist, or report a bug.